Upcoming Events

We've got some great events planned for later on this week at the Guild. First off, this Thursday night (08/04) at 7PM, Jeff Mahon is holding a beer making workshop covering beer history, the basic of brewing, and tips / tricks to making the best brew.

The following night, Mark Scrano is holding the next class in his Information Security series, and will be discussing a Live Linux distribution called Tails which integrates Tor and I2p networks.

Both events are looking to be fun and informative times, hope to see everyone there!

Ruby Walkthrough

As a followup to the night of lightning talks, I will be giving a presentation / walkthrough of the Ruby programming language on the night of Wednesday July 13th at 7:00PM. The event will be held at the Syracuse Innovators Guild's new home at 3650 James Street. All are welcome, the event will be free of charge, though a $5 or $10 donation is suggested for non-members.

Lightning Talks

The Syracuse Innovators Guild invites everyone to attend our first night of lightning talks! Currently scheduled for Tuesday Jun 21st at the Tech Garden, this is a night of informal 5-10 minute presentations where anyone is invited to stand up and talk about something they are passionate about! We already have a few presenters lined up around web development, project management, gui development, the C# and Ruby languages and there is alot more to come! All are welcome!

Rails Workshop

I'm pleased to invite everyone to our first workshop @ the Syracuse Innovators Guild, which will be an introduction to developing web applications with Ruby on Rails. The presentation and walk-through will be starting tonight at 7PM, though I will be at the space a little earlier, starting @6PM to help people setup their environment.

State of the SIG

Another exciting month at the Syracuse Innovators Guild, many fun projects are underway, we've held several open houses with many attendees from many different backgrounds, hosted movie and game nights to get people together and socializing, all the while having a blast at the same time.

Gearing Up

As we gear up the prominent thing we are trying to do is attract interest in the group. If you live in the Central New York Area (or know anyone that is) and are interested in tinkering, whether it be on computer hardware/software, anything mechanical, modern art of any form, music, food, or anything else, feel free to join our mailing list and our meetup group. Also subscribe to our rss feed to receive the latest site updates.


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