About Us

"A place to meet new people and collaborate on all types of technology projects"

Our Goal

To to provide a well-equipped, informative space where would-be inventors and technology enthusiasts of all varieties can come and contribute their knowledge to form communities and turn their concepts into realities.

The Implementation

To realize our goal we are constantly striving to provide the ideal environment for our members.  A place where ideas can be nurtured and developed in a way that only a group effort can provide.  Some of the various benefits of being a member include:

  • Access the the workspace and resources 24 Hours a day.
  • The ability to host your own sessions and events.
  • High Speed Internet access and dedicated space on our server cluster.
  • Access to an expanding community of technology professionals to bounce ideas off of and grow your knowledge

The Community

We are comprised of many bright driven technology enthusiasts of all types.  From electrical and mechanical engineers to software developers and everything in between we all share a common interest in learning new things.  No idea is too small and no question too basic, we work to make the space available to all different topics and levels of expertise.  Everyone can find a way to contribute and participate in group events.  Some of the common roles we are looking for are:

  • New project ideas and managers
  • People who like to take apart things to see how they work
  • Community outreach organizers
  • Bloggers and Social Media reporters
  • Digital media creators ( Photographers and Video )
  • All people with an open mind and willingness to learn new things.