Minecraft Server coming soon!

SIG VP, Mark Scrano recently set up a Minecraft server for SIG members.  If you are a current member, and want access, all you need to do is buy Minecraft for the PC/Mac/Linux, and talk to Mark about getting permissions on your user name.  If you aren't a SIG member - but you would like to participate - you will have to wait until the spring, when we open it up to the public.  If you are a SIG member - the land-grab has begun!  Get your account today.

Creeper Castle

Team PyStand wins the Hacking-4-Muzik programming marathon!

After a weekend long battle between team PyStand and team Awesome!, the votes have been tabulated and a winner has been chosen. Congratulations team PyStand for pulling together an impressive piece of software in 48hrs! I would also like to thank everyone who participated in this weekends events. It was a blast getting to know everyone.

Pictures are up on facebook!



Just wanted to shout out in recognition of esigns.coma custom online print shop who was kind enough to donate a large dry-erase street sign for use by the guild. Esigns has many great products for very good prices and I am very happy with the quality and size of the sign they sent us. I took a couple of snapshots of the sign in action, should be very useful to draw people into the space!



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