Minecraft Server coming soon!

SIG VP, Mark Scrano recently set up a Minecraft server for SIG members.  If you are a current member, and want access, all you need to do is buy Minecraft for the PC/Mac/Linux, and talk to Mark about getting permissions on your user name.  If you aren't a SIG member - but you would like to participate - you will have to wait until the spring, when we open it up to the public.  If you are a SIG member - the land-grab has begun!  Get your account today.

Creeper Castle

Team PyStand wins the Hacking-4-Muzik programming marathon!

After a weekend long battle between team PyStand and team Awesome!, the votes have been tabulated and a winner has been chosen. Congratulations team PyStand for pulling together an impressive piece of software in 48hrs! I would also like to thank everyone who participated in this weekends events. It was a blast getting to know everyone.

Pictures are up on facebook!



Just wanted to shout out in recognition of esigns.coma custom online print shop who was kind enough to donate a large dry-erase street sign for use by the guild. Esigns has many great products for very good prices and I am very happy with the quality and size of the sign they sent us. I took a couple of snapshots of the sign in action, should be very useful to draw people into the space!


More Events

Glad to say the e-recyling day last Saturday was a success. We had a few guild members show up to help sort through and inventory drop-offs and help clear the way for the next batch. Really looking forward to the next one! Next, be sure to checkout this promo video for the CNY Artists art gallery which the guild will be visiting the Saturday after next (09/10/11 @3pm).


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